AIM Technology
Integrated Security Systems
AIM Technology, in association with leading US companies, offers a comprehensive package of commercially viable anti-terrorist solutions (metal detectors, explosives/weapons detection & video surveillance systems) to ensure the safety of personnel and properties/facilities all around the world.
Explosives Detection Systems
The SIEGMA 3E3 is remotely operated using fiber optics connection to a notebook computer. The operator sees on the screen when explosive is found and in just 30 seconds it will show what explosive it is, estimated weight of explosive, and a list of all chemicals present, in a quantitative chemical formula.
Concealed Weapons Systems
Our Imaging Systems combines passive millimeter wave technology with full motion CCD video to detect and classify weapons. No existing systems in the field of weapon detection can match the features and advantages of the BIS-WDS Prime.
LPR Systems
License Plate Reader Systems will automatically read and communicate license plate information with facial recognition of the driver and passenger to a centralized security department. The system will keep track of all vehicles entering/exiting the facilities.
Digital Video Surveillance
Intelligent surveillance analysis is the future of Security. With the Multi-Screen Control Center one person has the ability to accurately monitor a large number of video cameras simultaneously.
Under Vehicular Surveillance
Coming Soon!
Metal Detectors
One of the most advanced metal detection equipment that automatically pinpoints targets. It can even locate ferrous and non-ferrous metals concealed within and beneath aquatic growth, bottom soil and rocks, wood and non-metallic materials.

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