AIM Technology
Integrated Security Systems
Biometrics is a pioneering technology to identify individuals by their Fingerprints & Facial Recognition. The Smart ID Cards use dual sided security lamination to deter counterfeiting.
AFIS Civil and Criminal
Automated Fingerprint Identification System for civil purposes (ID Cards, Passports, Driver's License) and Law Enforcement Crime Detection.
Biometrically Secured Documents such as ID Cards, Passports, Driver's Licenses, Visas, etc.
Latest technology for Border Control including Biometrics.
AccessControl and FingerLogon
Your finger is your key. Finger instead of password. The new Finger Logon System ensures unmistakable & unique access by means of user's fingerprint.
Live Scan
Live Scan is the world's leading multi-biometric technology system that provides Fingerprint & Facial Recognition of individuals with the clearest and most consistent images.
Smart Card Printers
Our high speed Smart Card Printers are manufactured in ISO certified facility and are the most environmentally friendly in the market. These models are available with MagStripe, IC Chip, RFID reading & encoding. We provide UV printing, highest quality 24-bit color & 256 grayscale image Micro Printing, Holographic Card with logos and security designated holograms to prevent fraud.

What We Offer