AIM Technology
Integrated Security Systems
Physical Perimeter Security
AIM Technology is your single source of the most trusted perimeter security products available as a deterrent to criminal and terrorist activities. AIM is uniquely equipped to provide vital and comprehensive integrated security systems all around the world.
Steel Plate Barriers
By Nasatka Barriers, Inc.
The most proven, tested, and reliable vehicle-access-control barrier systems in the world. It ensures maximum energy absorbtion success in the stoppage of attempted vehicle penetration at any time.
Pop-Up Bollards
By Nasatka Barriers, Inc.
Pop-Up Bollards are built to last, securing perimeter access without providing a sense of social disorder and active alarm measures.
Drop Arm Barriers
By Nasatka Barriers, Inc.
The Drop Arm Barriers are the highest security crash beam available worldwide. These Drop Arm Barriers have been crash tested at 50mph with remarkable results.
Mobile Barriers
By Nasatka Barriers, Inc.
The Mobile Barriers can be deployed and operational in minutes, protecting targeted facilities. Quick setup in 20 minutes with the help of just two people. Easily adjustable entry/exit plans as the situation warrants.
Tire Shredding Systems
The RoadBlade Tire Shredding System is designed to secure gates and entrances from terrorist and threat vehicles. Should a vehicle pass over the RoadBlade while the system is active, its tires will deflate from the 3 to 4 gashes caused by the blades slicing them.
CCTV Cameras
CCTV Cameras are day and night video surveillance digital cameras with a wide array of security applications. They provide maximum perimeter security to protect your facilities and create a secure environment.
Industrial Fencing
Industrial Fencing will provide a secure environment with electronic access controls.

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